Chemical biology refers to a unique discipline that is a combination of biology and chemistry. To learn about and modify biological organisms, they use techniques such as synthetic chemistry. The work is closely related to bio-organic chemistry, cell biology, and pharmacology. They are employed in the research labs and various sites across the world where the invent new drugs and other products.


Additionally, they take part in cut-edge engineering and research. Their main contributions are to help design new drugs because they are eligible in manufacturing new molecules, producing new compounds that can interact and influence biological systems. While in the laboratory, they can design many new compounds with the ability to treat diseases, and also they run assays on them. If the tests show positive results regarding the new compound, they can give further testing.

Becoming a biologist, you must have attained a bachelor’s degree in Chemical biology, chemistry or a closely related science course. They start at the undergraduate level by perusing courses in biology and chemistry which includes; genetics, cell biology, physics, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. A bachelor’s degree will lead you to regular available jobs in the market, but having a PhD or a master’s degree will lead to higher paying jobs.

Career Opportunity

They can get employed in the majority of fields, such as toxicology, drug synthesis, and pharmacology. They are the ones who can explain dehydration and high blood pressure and their connection. Using their knowledge, they create new compounds that are used to help people. people with a bachelor’s degree are well suited for jobs such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. A qualified biologist can synthesize and design different drugs. Other employment places can be in sectors such as forensic science, law, and energy. Their Job titles vary depending on the level of education and job experience. In 2010, the average salary for material and Chemical scientists was around $70, 000 per year according to the U.S Bureau of Labor.



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